• Keynote Lecture 1 – Molecular Markers in Thyroid Tumors: Diagnostic, Prognostic and Therapeutic Implications
    Yuri Nikiforov 

    Keynote Lecture 2 – Surgical Approaches to Thyroid Cancer
    Clive Grant 

    Keynote Lecture 3 – Postoperative Management of Thyroid Cancer
    Sebastiano Filetti 

    Keynote Lecture 4 – Surgery for Metastatic Neck Disease
    Henning Dralle 

    Keynote Lecture 5 – Long-term Follow up and Surveillance of Thyroid Cancer
    R. Michael Tuttle 

    Keynote Lecture 6 – Systemic Treatment for Thyroid Cancer
    Ezra Cohen 

    Morning with the Masters
    Moderator: Jeremy Freeman
    Panelists: Ezra Cohen, Henning Dralle, Clive Grant, Mike Tuttle, Sebastiano Filetti 


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