Disclosure Declaration and Information

It is the policy of CME Outfitters, LLC, ensures independence, balance, objectivity, and scientific rigor and integrity in all of their CE activities. Faculty must disclose to the participants any relationships with commercial companies whose products or devices may be mentioned in faculty presentations, or with the commercial supporter of this CE activity. CME Outfitters, LLC, has evaluated, identified, and attempted to resolve any potential conflicts of interest through a rigorous content validation procedure, use of evidence-based data/research, and a multidisciplinary peer review process. The following information is for participant information only. It is not assumed that these relationships will have a negative impact on the presentations.

WCTC has a formal policy regarding the need for authors and presenters to inform Annual Meeting attendees of any potential Conflict of Interest (COI). A COI includes, but is not limited to, employment, ownership of stock, membership on a standing advisory council or committee, or being on the board of directors or publicly associated with a company or its products. Other potential areas of real or perceived conflict of interest could include receiving honoraria, consulting fees, or grants.

Alzahrani, Ali S.
Speakers Bureau: Bayer; Current Relationship: No (2021); Advisor or Consultant: Newbridge, Lilly, Current Relationship: No (2021)

Alexander, Erik
Advisor or Consultant Veracyte Inc., Roche Diagnostics Inc. Current Relationship: Yes

Busaidy, Naifa
Research Support: GSK Consultant; Advisor or Consultant: Exilixix Consult, Eisai, Current Relationship: 11/2020, 10/2021

Brose. Marcia
Research Support: Exelixis, Bayer, Lilly, Blueprint, Loxo, Kinnate; Current Relationship: Yes; Advisor or Consultant: Exelixis, Bayer, Lilly, Blueprint, Loxo,, Aadi, Current Relationship: Yes

Califano, Inés
Advisor or Consultant: Roche, Current Relationship: No (Oct 2021)

Chung, Christine
Advisor or Consultant: Brooklyn Immuno Therapeutics; Merck; Exelixis. Current Relationship: No – 11/18/2021, 10/16/2021, 11/02/2021

Gonzalez, Alejandro Román
Advisor or Consultant: Biotoscana, Bayer

Hartl, Dana
Advisor or Consultant: Medtronic; Current Relationship: Yes

Ho, Alan
Ownership/Stock Options: Rgenta, Current Relationship: Yes; Research Support: All trials: Bayer, Merck, Verastem, BMS, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Kura Oncology, Ayala, Eisai,Hookipa, Current Relationship: Yes; Advisor or Consultant: Rgenta, Affyimmune, Elevar Therapeutics, Merck, ExpertConnect, Prelude Theraeputics, Eisai, Ayala, Remix, Kura Oncology,Exelexis. Current Relationship: Yes

Hoff, Ana
Research Support: Exelixis, Eli Lilly, Current Relationship: Yes; Advisor or Consultant: Exelixis, Eli Lilly, Bayer, Current Relationship: Yes; other financial: Honoraria for sporadic CME lectures: Bayer, United, Genzyme

Leboulleux, Sophie
Advisor or Consultant: Eisai, Lilly, Bayer, Ipsen, Current; Yes

Maia, Ana Luiza
Salary/Employment: UFRGS, Current: Yes; Grants: CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development), Current: Yes; Research Support: Clinical Trials: Exelixis, Lilly, Sanofi, Current: Yes; Advisor or Consultant: Merck, Current: Yes.

McIver, Bryan
Advisor or Consultant: Eisai Pharmaceuticals, Exelixis, Loxo/Lilly Pharmaceuticals. Current Relationship: Yes; Other financial: Millennium Flight Systems. Current Relationship: Yes;

Nikiforov, Yuri
University of Pittsburgh, Current Relationship: Yes; Advisor or Consultant: Sonic Healthcare USA, Current Relationship: Yes

Pitoia, Fabián
Speakers Bureau: Bayer, Roche, Raffo, Biotoscana, Exelixis; Advisor or Consultant: Bayer, Roche, Raffo. Current Relationship: Yes

Ramishvilli, Levan
Salary/Employment: V.Iverieli Endocrinology, Metabology, Dietology Center; New Hospitals; High Technology Medical Centre; Research Support: A phase 3 study of NBTXR3 activated by investigator’s choice of radiotherapy alone or radiotherapy in combination with cetuximab for platinum-based chemotherapy-ineligible elderly patients with locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma ; Advisor or Consultant: American Hospital Tbilisi; St. John the Merciful Private Clinic; All current relationships

Randolph, Gregory
Grants & Research Support: Eisai, Medtronic & Fluoptics. Current Relationship: Yes

Robenshtok, Eyal
Speakers Bureau: Roche, CTS; Advisor or Consultant: Roche, Medison, CTS. Current Relationship: Yes

Russell, Jonathon
Advisor or Consultant: Baxter Scientific; Current Relationship: Yes

Singer, Mike
Advisor or Consultant: Medtronic; Current Relationship: Yes

Tuttle, Mike
Research Support: Elesta; Current Relationship: Yes

Vaisman, Fernanda
Research Support: Bayer, Exelisis, Roche, Lilly, Ipsen; Speakers Bureau: United Health, Merck, Sanofi-Genzyme, Ipsen; Advisor or Consultant: United Health, Ipsen, Lilly

Waguespack, Steven
Speakers Bureau: Bayer, Current Relationship: Yes; Advisor or Consultant: Bayer, Current Relationship: Yes

Wirth, Lori
Advisor or Consultant: Bayer Healthcare, Exelixis Inc, Merck & Co., Eisai Inc., Genentech Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, Curie Therapeutics, Metis Therapeutics, Morphic Therapeutic; Other – PDS Biotech (Data Safety Monitoring), Coherus (Advisory Board Member); Current Relationship: Yes

Witterick, Ian
Ownership Interest/Stock or Stock Options: Proteocyte Diagnostics Inc.. Current Relationship: Yes; Advisor or Consultant: Proteocyte Diagnostics Inc., Glaxo SmithKline, Sanofi Regeneron, Integra, Novartis. Current Relationship: Yes

Zafereo, Mark
Merck: Clinical trial research funding to MD Anderson Cancer Center; Eli Lilly: Clinical trial research funding to MD Anderson Cancer Centre

Nothing to Disclose

Al Seddeeqi, Eiman
Angelos, Peter
Anuwong, Angkoon
Besic, Nikola
Bischoff, Lindsay
Brierley, James
Cerutti, Janete
Cherenko, Sergiy
Chiang, Feng Yu
Chung, Woong Youn
Deeb, Asma
Dimova, Biljana
Düren, Mete
Freeman, Jeremy
Grigorovici, Alexandru
Haugen, Bryan
Haymart, Megan
Ivkovski, Ljube
Kirigo, Caroline
Koh, Yoon Woo
Kopp, Peter
Kowalski, Luiz
Kroeker, Teresa
Lim, Chwee Ming
Linos, Dimitrios
Lira, Renan
Makay, Özer
Mazeh, Haggi
McMullen, Caitlin
Mekel, Michal
Memmedzade, Hidayet
Nathan, Cherie Ann
Nixon, Iain
Orloff, Lisa
Pandev, Rumen
Pantvaidya, Gouri
Sacks, Wendy
Sadow, Peter
Sezer, Atakan
Shah, Jatin
Shaha, Ashok
Tae, Kyung
Thankappan, Krishnakumar
Thompson, Geoffrey
Tolley, Neil
Vamvakidis, Kyriakos
Wong, Richard
Wu, Che-Wei
Yarbrough, Susan

All relevant financial relationships have been mitigated.

Faculty of this CE activity may include discussions of products or devices that are not currently labeled for use by the FDA. The faculty have been informed of their responsibility to disclose to the audience if they will be discussing off-label or investigational uses (any uses not approved by the FDA) of products or devices.

Content and Accreditation Reviewers

Scott J. Hershman, MD, FACEHP, CHCP has nothing to disclose.
Disclosures were obtained from the CME Outfitters, LLC staff: Nothing to disclose.
*All identified conflicts of interest have been mitigated.

Unlabeled Use Disclosure

CME Outfitters, LLC does not endorse the use of any product outside of the FDA labeled indications. Medical professionals should not utilize the procedures, products, or diagnosis techniques discussed during this activity without evaluation of their patient for contraindications or dangers of use.

Questions or Grievances

Please contact Kirsten Edinger at

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