Exported ACS Thyroid, Parathyroid and Neck Ultrasound Course Details

  • Course Director – Russell Smith, MD This course is intended for participants with a diverse background in head and neck ultrasound ranging from a beginner to those with a moderate amount of clinical or educational exposure.  This course will include a didactic session as well as a hands-on practical lab.  The didactic session will review the physics principles of ultrasound and outline in a detailed fashion scanning techniques and ultrasonographic appearance of normal head and neck anatomy.  In addition, use of ultrasound for the diagnostic evaluation of thyroid, parathyroid, and neck pathology will be discussed.  Finally, technical considerations for ultrasound guided procedures as well as an overview of incorporating point-of-care ultrasound in a clinical practice will be presented.   The practical lab will be a small group activity in which participants will be proctored through skills stations in which the participant will be able to perform different components of an ultrasound exam on patient models.  It also includes a session for ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration. Upon completion of the course and a post-course test an ACS certificate of completion will be given. Course Faculty:
    Co-Directors Kevin Brumund, MD Barbra Miller, MD Faculty William Armstrong, MD Amy Chen, MD William Duke, MD David Hughes, MD Arjun Joshi, MD Jamie Mitchell, MD Sareh Parangi, MD Michael Starks, MD