Early outcomes in endoscopic thyroidectomy: Transoral approach versus unilateral axillo-breast approach

  • Background: The endoscopic thyroidectomy has been utilized via both transoral approach (TOETVA) and unilateral axillo-breast approach (UABA) to perform thyroidectomy. However, there have been no studies evaluating outcomes between these approaches. Here we describe our outcomes for thyroid lobectomy with TOETVA and UABA.
    Methods: All cases of endoscopic approach thyroid lobectomy at Vietnam National Cancer Hospital were reviewed. Primary outcomes and demographic data were then compared between TOETVA and UABA. The cosmetic result was evaluated by Patient Scar Assessment Questionnaire (PSAQ).
    Results: Twenty-one cases were identified, 11 using the TOETVA approach and 10 using the UABA approach. The procedural success rate for the transoral and unilateral axillo-breast cohorts was 100%. There were no persistent complication in either cohort. Median operative time for 95,6 minutes for TOETVA versus UABA was 98,5 minutes (P>0,05). The length of hospital stay for 3,7 days for TOETVA versus UABA was 5,4 days (P=0,041). On the PASQ questionnaire, ‘‘scar appearance’’ and ‘‘satisfaction with appearance’’ scores were better in TOETVA group than in UABA group.
    Conclusion: Thyroid lobectomy can be safely performed via both techniques, although the length of hospital stay and cosmetic results were better in TOETVA group than in UABA group.


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