EP118 – Complications of post-thyroidectomy: a review of 248 patients in Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital between 2012-2016, Jakarta

      Kartini, Diani1; Wibisana, IGN Gunawan1; Yulian, Erwin D.1; Kurnia, Ahmad1; Panigoro, Sonar S.1; Albar, Z Azdi1; Ramli, Muchlis1 1 Division of Surgical Oncology, Dept of Surgery, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital – Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia   Background: An increased in the need of thyroidectomy is observed in Indonesia over the last five years. With the increased need of thyroidectomy, surgeons consider the morbidity brought by the complications of thyroidectomy. The aim of this study is to identify the commonly observed complications of thyroid surgery in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. Methods: 248 patients who underwent thyroid surgery between 2012 and 2016 were included in this retrospective study. Clinical data were gathered from medical records of surgical oncology division of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. Result: Among 248 patients underwent thyroid surgery, 76 patients were lost during follow-up. 11 patients out of 172 (6.4%) experienced permanent hypocalcaemia, 158 out of 248 (64.1%) had temporary hypocalcaemia that appears in day 1-3 post-operatively. 144 out of 248 (58.1%) patients underwent total thyroidectomy, 8 out of 172 (4.7%) patients had permanent hypocalcaemia.  Temporary recurrent laryngeal nerve injury (RLNI) was found in 33 out of 248 (13.3%) patients, while permanent RLNI was observed in 2 out of 172 (1.2%) patients who underwent completion thyroidectomy and near total thyroidectomy. Discussion & Conclusion: The incidences of post-thyroidectomy hypocalcaemia remain vary between 2 and 83%1. Hypocalcaemia might appear permanent or temporary. The incidences of RLNI range from <2-6%1. The injury may develop unilaterally or bilaterally and is capable to become permanent. Hypocalcaemia and RLNI are the most common complications of the surgery2. There is a need to improve attention during surgery with a meticulous introduction to the anatomical structures to prevent complications.   References:
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