EP127 – Retrospective patient data analysis for treatment of differentiated thyroid microcarcinomas at National Institute of Oncology Budapest, 2001-2010

      Meilinger-Dobra, Monika1; Boer, Andras1 1 Head and Neck Department, National Institute of Oncology, Budapest, Hungary   Background/purposes: Summary of 10 years of the patient data from those that underwent thyroid lobectomy or thyroidectomy in our department. Our aim was to investigate differentiated microcarcinoma behaviour and frequency of the followings: contralateral involvement, lymph node metastasis and recurrence. Methods: Data were collected retrospectively, from the period between 2001 and 2010, allowing time to review the follow up period post-procedure. Results: In our department during this peroid 554 patients’ final histology showed differentiated thyroid carcinoma after thyroid lobectomy or thyroidectomy. From that group 108 patients had differentiated thyroid microcarcinoma. 93 of those with differentiated microcarcinoma received thyroidectomy, in 46 cases was only one side of the gland affected, 15 patients had only single side involvement but also showed signs of lymph node metastasis. 25 patients showed microcarcinoma is both sides without lymphatic involvement. 7 patients showed microcarcinoma on both sides with lymph node metastasis. 15 were treated with thyroid lobectomy and were only affected on one side. Summary: from 108 patients in our study 61 cases showed single side involvement with no metastasis, in the other 47 cases the contralateral side and/or the lymph nodes were affected. Discussion/Conclusions: Our current practice in the treatment of thyroid microcarcinoma is to perform thyroid lobectomy of the affected lobe only. However in 32 of 108 cases, so in about 30% both sides were affected. Is it enough to remove only the affected side? Is our follow up system reliable enough to detect problems in those only receiving thyroid lobectomy?


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