EP134 – Thyroid nodular goiter-surgical indications

      Codreanu, Corneliu-Mircea1; Codreanu, Corneliu1; Codreanu, Margareta1 1 CMI Dr. Codreanu, Galati, Romania   Objective: The goal of this presentation is to evaluate the surgical indications concerning the treatment of nodular goiter. Materials and methods: We retrospectively evaluated 30 pacients treated in our ENT department for nodular goiter between 2006-2016. The evaluation included clinical examination, determinations of serum TSH,T3,T4 levels, calcitonin levels, antiperoxidase, anti-thyroglobuline, FNAB, ultrasonography. Results: The histological examination of the 30 surgically removed thyroid specimens found the evidence of malignancy in 6 cases( rate of cancer 20%). Conclusions: When confronted with nodular goiter, FNAB is the most precise and effective investigation. Surgery is indicated always when FNAB is positive, the goiter is voluminous, compressive, rapid-growing or associated with palpable cervical lymph nodes.


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