EP149 – Quality of life in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer

      McIntyre, Charlotte1; Jacques, Thomas1; Palazzo, Fausto1; Farnell, Kate2; Tolley, Neil1 1 Imperial College Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, St. Mary’s Hospital, London, UK 2 Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust, London, UK   Background:  The majority of patients with Thyroid cancer have Stage 1 disease with an excellent prognosis and 99% survival.  Despite this, the impact of Thyroid cancer on life quality has been little studied. Methods: Patient data from 82 patients attending a UK doctor-patient meeting was used for analysis.  Only those with a diagnosis of differentiated thyroid cancer were studied. Data collected included; demographics, EQ5D QOL assessment tool, scar satisfaction, need for calcium, cord palsy, antidepressant use and psychological counseling. Results: Median age at diagnosis was 42 (range 13-72).  The health outcome score (EQ5D) of the average UK population is 0.86.  The score for Thyroid cancer patients was significantly lower at 0.78 (p<0.0004) when compared to the UK average group. ?Conclusion: The life quality of patients with Thyroid cancer is significantly lower than that within the average UK population.  Life quality was lower when compared to patients suffering from breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. A significant number of patients suffered from fatigue and depression requiring antidepressants and counseling. The poor life quality in patients with Thyroid cancer is at a paradox with its good prognosis and requires further investigation.


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