EP29 – ATA Guidelines for Adult Patients with Thyroid Nodules and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: Implementation in The Middle East

      Barbaccia, Carmelo1; Casiglia, Donatella2 1 Department of ENT – Head and Neck Surgery, American Hospital, Dubai, UAE 2 Department of Endocrinology , American Hospital, Dubai, UAE   Background: ATA guidelines represent an excellent standard for the management of well differentiated thyroid cancer. However it is applicable in a  population able to attend lifetime follow-up. Methods: Dubai population is having more then 200 ethnicity, fast turnover and medical tourism. Results: some part of our population is not able to spent long time in Dubai and or in the Middle East.  Some is not able to have a continuous follow-up. Discussion: We have suggested a revision of the implementation of the ATA guidelines to  take in the account different population and lifestyle.   References:
    1. 2015 ATA management guidelines for adult patient with thyroid nodules and differentiated thyroid cancer Thyroid, volume 26 number 1, 2016
    2. Ministry of labour, Dubai.


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