EP7 – Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer: A 15 Years Experience In a Single Institution in Asia

      Ahmad, Nor Safariny1, Liew, Sarah1, Basro, Sarinah1, Baghawi, Anita1, Abdullah, Noor Hisham1 1 Department of Surgery, Putrajaya Hospital, Putrajaya, Malaysia Background: Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) is a rare and aggressive tumor. The optimal multimodality therapy for ATC is still debatable however studies are limited especially from Asian population. Objectives: This study was aimed to evaluate the survival and prognostic factors of ATC patients in our centre. Methods: A retrospective study of 64 ATC patients (44 women and 20 men) who were treated in Putrajaya Hospital,Malaysia between 2002 and 2016. Kaplan Meier and log-rank test were used to analyze survival. Cox proportional hazard model was used for univariate and multivariate analysis. Results: The median age was 62 years. Majority of the patients presented with Stage IVC(52%), whilst others presented with IVA(3%) and IVB(45%). The overall survival for 6 months and 1 year was 9.37% and 4.69% respectively. Median survival was 2 months. Multimodality treatment (involving surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy) significantly increased median survival (p=0.005) whilst patients with nodal metastases, distant metastasis and previous history of papillary thyroid cancer had lower median survival rates. Univariate analysis showed that both radiotherapy and multimodality treatment improved survival rates with hazard ratio 0.692 and 0.688 respectively. Multivariate analysis showed that hoarseness of voice at presentation was the only independent factor affecting the prognosis of patients(HR:1.690). Discussion: Our median survival duration falls within 1 to 10 months as reported in other studies. To date, no studies have found that hoarseness of voice is an indicator of poor survival. Conclusion: Radiotherapy and multimodality treatment could improve overall survival for suitable ATC patients as reported in some studies References:
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