Head Mounted Video Camera 2013

      The idea of an head mounted  video camera for surgical purposes has been foreseen by some time now.  Nowadays the requested  is born from the use of the reconstructive microsurgery. This Head Mounted Video Camera, was built on 2013, for microsurgery and surgical specialities. The technical features are a Video FULL HD 1920x 1080  high quality, AVCHD. Her ZOOM, is 0 -30  X . The Stabilized image  is by optical system. This video camera is useful in all surgical specialities, also for naked eye view. This video camera on microsurgical technique can demonstrate the differences between eye and microscopic vision in the same surgical field at the same time. The operative surgeon keeps the direct view of the operative field and may show it to any observers.  In particular, in the thyroid surgical field, it’s necessary to watch better the surgery.


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