OP60 – Thyroid papillary cancer in health professional exposed to work place radiation – review of nine patients. Was there a link between their cancers and exposure to radiation ?

      Duque, Carlos S.1, Nikiforov, Yuri2, Vélez, Alejandro3, Nikiforova, Marina2, Cuartas, Jorge4, Dueñas, Juan Pablo5, Jaimes, Fabián1, Botero, José Fernando6 1 Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe, Clinica Las Americas, Medellín, Colombia 2 Division of Molecular & Genomic Pathology, University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Pittsburgh, USA 3 Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe, Dinamica, Medellin, Colombia 4 Clinica Orlant, Medellín, Colombia 5 Hospital Pablo Tobon  Uribe, Instituto de Cancerologia, Clinica Las Américas, Medellín, Colombia 6 CLID Medellín, Colombia   Background: Exposure to radiation sources has been found to be a triggering factor to develop thyroid cancer especially in the younger population.  Exposure to radiation might occur accidentally or chronically  during some ones daily activities   Within the health care system there are some  professionals that might be chronically exposed  and at risk to develop  malignancies  such as a thyroid cancer. The present study reviewed the pathologic slides of nine doctors (MD and DDS) exposed to radiation sources during their professional life who developed  papillary cancer. Purpose: To review the past occupational history of each patient in relation to their exposure to radiation sources and to perform specific DNA, RNA and molecular studies in the pathology slides of the nine patients in order to see if their past and present exposure to radiation explained their thyroid cancer Methods: Targeted next generation sequencing analysis for driver point mutations associated with sporadic carcinogenesis and for gene fusions associated with radiation thyroid carcinogenesis was performed using ThyroSeq v2 mutation panel. Results: After performing all available molecular, DNA and RNA  studies on  8 of the patients slides  it was concluded that none of their thyroid cancer was related to radiation as n clear findings in this regard were seen  with the  tumor cells Discussion: Even though a “short” series, no relationship was observed between the exposure to radiation and the development of papillary thyroid cancer in these patients. Their tumor cell did not show any evidence of changes due to radiation


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