OP95 – A Study of Thyroid Nodules Pathology in Two Different Asian Regions

      AI, Junaidi1, Wan, Wong Mei1, Miyauchi, Akira2, Ab Hadi, Imisairi1 1 Department of Surgery, Raja Perempuan Zainab II, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia 2 Department of Surgery, Thyroid and Parathyroid glands, Kuma Hospital, Kobe, Japan   Background: Japan and Malaysia are two countries in Asia with different natural history of thyroid pathology. Japan is known to be a country with an iodine excess whilst Malaysia has several states with endemic iodine deficiency goiter. Objectives: To view differences of histopathology of thyroid diseases in two  Asian countries. Methods: A retrospective review on both hospital electronic medical records was conducted. Patients who underwent surgery for thyroid pathology in 1st January 2016 until 30th June 2016 was included in the study. Comparison of the final histopathology diagnosis is the main outcome.. Results: Total of 1392 patients enrolled in the study, 749 (53.8%) from Japan and 643 (46.2%) from Malaysia. In Kuma Hospital, Total thyroid malignancy was (65.15%) whereas only (27.37%) was found to be malignant in Malaysia. The most common malignancy in Japan was Papillary carcinoma  (55.9%), followed by follicular carcinoma (5.5%), medullary carcinoma (1.1%), Lymphoma (0.8%) and anaplastic carcinoma (0.1%). Compared to Malaysia, papillary carcinoma was (21.8%), follicular carcinoma 26 (4.0%), Lymphoma (0.5%) and anaplastic carcinoma (0.2%). Benign thyroid pathology was more common in Malaysia  (72.62%) compared to Japan  and mostly adenomatous goiter (60.5%). However in Japan follicular adenoma (13.1%) and Grave’s disease (8.4%) were more common. Discussion: The study confirmed there was different in term of pathology of thyroid diseases distribution between 2 different Asian regions where thyroid malignancy was found more in Kobe, Japan and benign goiter were more common in Kelantan, Malaysia. Conclusion: There was significant difference benign and malignancy pathological findings between two Asian countries.   References: 
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