Retrospective Evaluation of Serum Thyroglobulin Level Peaking After the Administration of Recombinant Human Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

  • Background and Purpose
    Recombinant human thyroid-stimulating hormone (rhTSH) is useful especially for testing post thyroid ablated patients. The protocol recommends the evaluation of serum thyroglobulin (Tg) level and iodine 131 radioiodine scintigraphy at 5th day. Although the recommendation, we could not find conclusive literature evidence that showed Tg level will peak at the 5th day. The aim of this study is to have a retrospective evaluation of Tg levels after rhTSH administration.

    Material and Methods
    21 cases, 14 female and 7 male with the average age of 50.1, had undergone rhTSH test after thyroid ablation in our hospital. In each case rhTSH test was performed at least 6 month after the last radioiodine therapy. Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels and Tg values were measured every day for 7-8 days after rhTSH administration.

    There were 4 cases without increase of Tg level. In the remaining 17 cases with increase of Tg level, but only 4cases had peaked in the 5th day. In the remaining 13 cases, 1case peaked in day3, 1 in day 4, 7 in day 6, 2 in day 7, and 2 in day 8.

    Discussion and Conclusions
    In spite of the fact that it is recommended to measure Tg level in the 5th day post administration, only 4 out of 17 cases peaked in day 5. This result could suggest that the recommendation might need some discussion. However, the number of cases is small in this study, and future evaluation should be made with a larger group.


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