Thyroid Nodule and Thyroid Cancer Primer

  • Webster, Lobby level Burroughs, Conference level 12:30 – 4:00 pm Download Primer Agenda
    The World Thyroid Congress Primer Course seeks to enhance the experience of attendees of the World Thyroid Congress by providing expert lectures on fundamental thyroid and parathyroid topics.  It aims to bridge any knowledge gap participants may have in key areas of thyroid and parathyroid disease prior to commencement of the World Congress in order to promote a more meaningful conference experience for all.  Topics to be covered include thyroid and parathyroid anatomy, physiology, and cancer management including intraoperative and postoperative care and long-term surveillance.  The lectures will be complemented by panel sessions with illustrative cases to reinforce key, evidence-based points put forth in the lectures.  This course is an ideal learning environment for physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, researchers, medical students, residents, fellows, and any other caregivers involved in the care of patients afflicted with thyroid and parathyroid disease.


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