Transaxillary Robotic Total Thyroidectomy for Grave’s Disease

      We are presenting a transaxillary robotic total thyroidectomy for a patient having a Grave’s disease. It is a case of a 26-year-old African-French female having Grave’s disease. Surgical treatment, was decided because of a pregnancy plan. The patient requested a robotic approach to avoid neck scar. We show in this video the key steps of this surgery using ProGrasp and Maryland forceps and the Harmonic scalpel, and the feasibility of this technique in Grave’s disease cases. We also show the identification and stimulation of the recurrent laryngeal nerve using NIM. We emphasize in this video on the use of the same incision to operate the contralateral lobe. Surgery was uneventful and took 107 minutes. On follow up the patient had full recovery on Levothyroxine and was satisfied from her final scar.


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