Verification about the guidance for individualized treatment on anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in our institution

  • It is well known that anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is very miserable disease with regard to its prognosis and rare that the patient with ATC survives more than a year from definite diagnosis in spite of a variety of treatment. Recently, some molecular target drugs centering tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) entered on stage as new onco-therapeutic methods. Sorafenib or Lenvatinib are representative of that. However, it is no change that complete rejection by operation is radical treatment, now. Some regulative factors of prognosis and personalized medicine regarding ATC were put forward at consortium of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in Japan. We tried to investigate whether our treatment against ATC coincided with personalized medicine of consortium to what extent in this time. As a result, the contents of personalized medicine of that were to be acceptable significantly, it was thought that this guideline could be helpful to decide to treatment of ATC. However, it is difficult to determine therapeutic principles of all cases by only some regulative factor of prognosis, it is nothing to speak of need examination each patient actually.


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