Segmental tracheal resection with end-to-end anastomosis preserving membranous portion for patients with thyroid carcinoma

        Patient: 71 year-old female Chief complaint: hoarseness Preoperative diagnosis by fine needle aspiration biopsy: papillary carcinoma Preoperative imaging: mucosal erosion on left side of trachea between 1 to 3cm below vocal cord and the left vocal cord palsy by bronchoscopy, slightly enlarged lymph nodes in the left jugular chain by ultrasonography, no distant metastases by PET-CT. Operation: Total thyroidectomy with central neck dissection. The invaded cricoid and the 1st tracheal ring (half-circumferential) and the tracheal rings (2st and 3rd) were resected. Intact membranous part was preserved. In order to make the both stumps to be similar shape, the distal tracheal rings (4th an 5th) were trimmed. Anastomosis line was bayonet-shape. No temporary tracheostomy was performed. Postoperative course: On the postoperative day 3, peroral intake resumed without aspiration. On the postoperative day 14, she was discharged. As of 1.5 year after operation, no findings of local recurrence have been indicated.


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