Tour Information

  • Vatican Museum with Garden Reception

    Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    WCTC delegates and faculty are invited to join us in a very special evening at the Vatican. By special permission, we are able to bring WCTC to this most esteemed venue for a truly memorable Rome experience. Our guests will enjoy a 30 minute drive through the historic parts of Rome, and on arrival you will join a two hour private tour of the Vatican grounds and buildings, followed by a reception in the gardens. There is limited space available so please indicate if you are attending when you register.

    Dress Code Dress code for the Vatican tour is business casual (no shorts, miniskirts, naked shoulders or décolletés are allowed). Please wear comfortable shoes. After the 2 hour tour there will be a standing aperitive (no seating). No professional cameras are allowed inside. Registration for the Vatican Tour will close on May 27.

    Price: 150 USD pp to include transportation, tour, and reception.

    Ancient Rome

    Morning Half-day tour

    Thursday, June 20

    Explore the ancient heart of Rome, visiting two of the city’s most famous sites: the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Arguably Rome’s most iconic landmark, the towering Colosseum still retains an air of incredible majesty nearly 2,000 years after it was first built. With your guide you’ll enter the ancient structure, climbing up within the interior walls for a view of the central arena and learn about the fascinating history surrounding the building. While some parts of the 50,000 seat amphitheatre have succumbed to the tests of time, the large section that remains offers an impressive glimpse into the ancient past and the incredible spectacles that were staged there. Just steps from the Colosseum is the Roman Forum. Nestled at the juncture of the Palatine, Quirinale and Capitolium hills the area was once a bustling district of temples, basilicas and grandiose public spaces. Today, the sprawling ruins are an incredible open air museum, telling a plethora of stories about life in ancient Rome.

    Price: 100 USD pp, included VAT 22%, private transfer, specialized English guide, special entrance tickets and headset. Minimum of 15 people is necessary in order to confirm the tour. Pick-up/drop-off point is the Parco dei Principi Hotel & Spa.

    Roman Food Tour

    Morning Half-day tour & tasting

    Friday, June 21

    The quintessential Roman neighbourhood, Trastevere has maintained it’s original character. Its cobbled streets and vine wrapped buildings still house the original residents from generations before, allowing visitors a peek into their lives. A pillar of Roman gastronomic tradition some of the best eateries and shops are still here and still being managed by the original families from long ago. Norcini still sell their cold cuts, delighting kids with samples and tempting adults with new entries. Bakeries which supply bread to the majority of Roman restaurants still operate in full force, creating one of the most universal staples with the same care they did 100 years ago. Being city dwellers Romans don’t always have time to cook and that’s when ‘rosticcerie’ come in handy, in Trastevere we find one of the most famous, especially for its fried suppli the Roman street food by definition. Historic caffes that seem to always be there for us all day and all night for a quick espresso before work or perhaps an aperitivo with friends before dinner. In Trastevere one can see the Roman way of life, and glimpse at the new directions that Roman gastronomy is taking. Let us guide you through 5 different tastings, showcasing the best that Trastevere has to offer.

    Price: 170 USD pp. included VAT 22%, private transfer, and specialized English guide. Minimum of 10 people is necessary in order to confirm the tour. Pick-up/drop-off point is the Parco dei Principi Hotel & Spa.