Beth Edeiken-Monroe

  • Beth S. Edeiken-Monroe, MD, FACR, is a Professor of Neuroradiology in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC). She received her medical degree from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she also completed her internship and began her residency in diagnostic radiology. She completed her residency and an oncology fellowship at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Edeiken is the senior radiologist at the MDACC Interventional Neuroradiology Clinic where 11,000 patients are cared for each year and 4,000 ultrasound guided biopsies are performed. She works closely with the referring physicians and surgeons often performing intraoperative localizations for retropharyngeal adenopathy, parathyroid lesions and in patients who have had multiple surgeries. She has developed an expertise in US-guided imaging and biopsies in early and subtle disease in the soft tissues of the neck.


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