David Velázquez-Fernández

  • Dr. Velázquez is an Endocrine Surgeon, Professor and National Researcher in Mexico City. He got his first master and PhD degree in medical sciences at the National University in Mexico, furthermore obtaining another master and PhD degree in surgical sciences at the Karolinska University in Stockholm, Sweden. His doctoral thesis regarded the molecular basis of endocrine tumours. Since 2006 he serves as Adjunct Professor in Endocrine Surgery at the National Institute of Medical Sciences in Mexico City. His earlier career included roles as clinical collaborator in the Mexican HapMap Project and Clinical Research Mentor in some prestigious universities in Mexico. His scientific contribution accounts for more than 40 papers in several indexed journals and some book chapters about endocrine and bariatric surgery. He is member of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons since 2006, serving on the scientific board by almost 5 years. He is also member of the International Association of Endocrine Surgeons and nowadays addresses the Scientific Committee of the National Congress of General Surgeons in Mexico. Additionally, he is responsible for the annual examination of the Mexican Board of General Surgery since 2012.


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