Emad Kandil

  • Dr. Kandil is a Professor of Surgery, Elias Hanna Endowed Chair in Surgery and Chief of General, Endocrine and Oncological Surgery Division at Tulane University. He is a senior executive member of Tulane cancer council and the director of the Endocrine Surgery Fellowship. He completed his training with a clinical fellowship in endocrine surgery at the Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Kandil is a fellow of the prestigious American Surgical Association and a member of the Southern Surgical Association. He is a fellow of ACS and AACE. He has written over 300 original articles and book chapters and served on numerous editorial boards. Dr. Kandil has the largest experience in US with robotic thyroid surgery using different approaches. His research interests have focused on clinical outcome research and his laboratory research focus is on identification of novel genetic markers and examining the anti-tumor efficacies of multiple pathways targeting thyroid cancer.


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