Ilya Sleptsov

  • 2000 – graduated from St.Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy, St.Petersburg, Russia
    2002 – finished residency at Department of Pediatric Surgery
    2002 – started to work as a surgeon at Department of Endocrine Surgery
    2005 – sertificate in endocrinology and radiology
    2006 – finished candidate of science theses on minimally invasive methods in thyroid nodules treatment
    2007 – sertificate in oncology
    2012 – finished doctor of science theses on thyroid and parathyroid surgery
    2013 – started to work as a director of medical services (head of endocrine surgery service which performs more than 5500 endocrine surgeries a year)
    Performed more than 6000 thyroid and parathyroid operations in adults and children with current annual number of 600-700 surgeries. Performs open, videoassisted and endoscopic operations of thyroid and parathyroid.



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