Mingzhao Xing

  • Mingzhao Xing, MD, Ph D, is Professor of Medicine/Oncology/Pathology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Dean-elect of the School of Medicine at SUSTech in Shenzhen, China. He is member of Association of American Physicians and American board-certified endocrinologist/internist.  His research, focused mainly on thyroid cancer, resulted in >170 publications in Lancet, JAMA, J Clin Oncol, JAMA Oncol, J Clin Invest, Nat Commun, Nat Rev Cancer,  etc, with nearly 17,000 citations.  He holds eight USA patents on BRAF V600E/TERT promoter mutation-related discoveries in thyroid cancer.  He received the 2006 Maryland Innovator Award, the 2013 British Endocrine Society’s Endocrine-Related Cancer Research Award, the 2014 Chinese Endocrine Society’s Zhu Xianyi Award, the 2016 American Thyroid Association (ATA)’s Paul Starr Award, and the 2017 Johns Hopkins’ Paul W Ladenson Thyroid Award.  He served ATA’s Research Committee Chair, Annual Meeting Program Co-chair and Associate Editor of the journal Thyroid.


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