Sebastiano Filetti

  • Sebastiano Filetti, MD is a full professor of Internal Medicine, Chief of Internal Medicine Dept at Sapienza University of Rome. Dr. Filetti is Editor in Chief of ENDOCRINE, Springer publishing. He is member of the American Thyroid Association since 1980 and Endocrine Society since 1983. Dr. Filetti’s current clinical interests include thyroid cancer, diabetes and endocrine/metabolic diseases. Dr. Filetti’s research interests focus on thyroid tumorigenesis and the implications of the genetic and epigenetic abnormalities in endocrine tumors. He is involved in research focusing on the identification and clinical validation of thyroid cancer biomarkers to achieve a better cancer risk stratification and on the genetic basis of familial and sporadic thyroid cancer. He is the founder of the Italian Thyroid Cancer Observatory (ITCO) register.


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