Day 1 Videos

  • Welcome & Opening Remarks

    International Guidelines – M. Ringel

    International Guidelines Surgery – C. Lombardi

    Real World Practice of International Guidelines  

    Panel – Thyroid Guidelines – Case Based

    Update on Parathyroid Guidelines

    AHNS BAETS Joint Revision Parathyroid Guidelines

    Hypoparathryroidism Management Guidelines

    Panel – Parathyroid Guidelines

    The New Bethesda System 2017

    AJCC Eighth Edition


    Evolving Insight from Genetics and Genomics

    Genetics and Genomics Applied to FNA Molecular Diagnostics – B. Haugen

    Thyroid Cancer – Why Does it Occur Where is it Coming From Thyroid Cancer Epidemiology

    Indeterminate FNA Management in the UK

    Tips and Tricks in Thyroid US Imaging