Day 3 Videos

  • Opening Remarks

    Detection of Recurrent Disease – P. Kopp

    The Radiographic Prediction of Invasive Disease – The R Score – G. Randolph

    Surgery for Cervical Recurrence – J. Freeman  

    RAI for Remnant Ablation and Cancer Rx

    PANEL – Recurrence Management Surgery and Non Surgical Ablative Therapy When Why How

    How do you Talk to Patients Before and After Thyroid Cancer Surgery

    Mini Panel

    Tumor Kinetics – When to Start Systemic Treatment

    Definition of Refractory Thyroid Cancer

    NTRK Fusion Targeted Therap

    TKI in Non Avid Disease – Re differentiation Potential Benefits and Pitfalls

    Distant Met Immun Rx Basis, Rationale for Combined and Toxicities

    LATS Buenos Aires – WCTC 3 5 Rome – Thyroid Cancer World Masters Round Table